Abby Wells

abby wells \\ leadership scholar. life historian.


Abby Wells, Ph.D.

My research and writing is rather unconventional for the leadership community. I study how leadership comes into being, focusing especially on the spiritual dimension of leadership as it unfolds.

My interests converge around narrativity, life history, and the sociocultural conditions that shape who leaders are and what leaders become.

Through this work, I advance the notion that leadership above all else is energy, energy that reflects the evolutionary needs of our time.

Viewed from this lens, I believe we are led to ask questions about who leaders are in relation to their role in raising human consciousness.

Current Project

Fulbright Scholar (University of Haifa):

“What should we think about making aliyah: Racial minoritization and Ethiopian absorption since the modern period.”


True leadership aligns with the energy of perfect love.

-Abby Wells